Glory Road Package

Startingss at $270


Refuse2Lose Package

Startingss at $275


Team First Package

Startingss at $155


Weekend Warrior Package

Startingss at $115

Customized Baseball Jerseys & Uniforms: Look The Part On & Off the Field

When it comes to sublimated baseball uniforms, apparel and accessories, no one does it better than All The Way Live Designs.

Let the experts at ATWL help your team get organized and get an affordable price on everything you need to get out on the field. This includes preset packages that you can customize with your teams logo and color scheme, including custom baseball hats, jerseys, pants, shorts and more. We also sublimate a majority of our items for long-lasting, better quality overall. Our custom half dye, sub dye and full dye attaire is made with lightweight, breathable fabrics along with 100% polyester wicking material. This means, your team will not only look great, but they’ll feel great everytime they step on the field.

Our Different Baseball Uniform Package Types

ATWL offers three different packages for custom sublimated baseball uniforms that include full dye and sub dye options.

Glory Road: Go all out for your baseball team with this preset package. Customize your teams logo and colors on a variety of different apparel items including 2 full dye jerseys, 2 full dye pants, 2 hats, and 1 full dye hoodie.

Refuse2Lose: Stand up to any competitor baseball team with this affordable package of 2 full dye baseball jerseys, 2 full dye baseball pants, 2 baseball hats, and 1 full dye baseball hoodie.

Team First: Get it right the first time with this classic package set. Keep it simple with 2 full dye baseball jerseys, 2 sub dye baseball pants, and 2 custom embroidered baseball hats.

Weekend Warrior: Looking to get straight to the point with your custom baseball uniforms? This package may look like the bare necessities, but it’s packed with multiple customization options including your teams logo and designs. In this package, you’ll receive 2 full dye baseball jerseys, 1 sub dye baseball jersey, 1 sub dye baseball pant, and 1 custom embroidered baseball hat.

Why Choose ATWL for Custom Sublimated Baseball Apparel?

All The Way Live Designs is always trying to provide cutting edge, high quality apparel items and accessories for all of our customers. We know your baseball team will always perform 100%, and we want nothing to stand in your way, especially your uniform.

Our custom packages include affordable and dependable apparel items. Our uniforms are not only sublimated for quality purposes, but created with a lightweight, breathable fabric to ensure that your team is always comfortable on the field.

It doesn’t matter what type of package option you choose. From the minimum amount of items to the maximum amount of items, ATWL will always be right there beside you in the designing stage and final product to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your order.

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